Because each installation is unique, ScaleABILITY has been designed with flexibility in mind.  ScaleABILITY is designed and built on reliable standard technology that includes open interfaces to 3rd party systems.

The innovative software leverages the latest Microsoft and Oracle technology to minimise the effort required to deploy and maintain the system while ensuring that the business continues to operate efficiently.

Because weighbridges are often located away from the main production process in areas with unreliable network connectivity, ScaleABILITY’s offline mode ensures business continuity and a complete audit trail in the event of a network failure.  This minimises any downtime at the weighbridge and the system will continue to operate!  When the network is restored the new data is synchronised automatically.

ScaleABILITY is designed to connect to multiple external systems.  These include:

  • Signalling equipment (marshalling yard control, stop/go lights etc)
  • Weigh scales
  • Security cameras
  • Business systems
  • Quality control and laboratory management systems

Technology Features

Turnkey and Remote Support

Adapt IT can recommend partners who will manage and oversee your project to implement ScaleABILITY.   Specialist companies will design, procure, install and integrate the various systems on your behalf.

After commissioning Adapt IT can also remotely operate / support your weighbridge facility allowing you to focus on running your business.

Partner Products

Adapt IT works with selected regional and country specific service providers for the provision of physical weighbridge infrastructure, control instrumentation, cameras, traffic signals, booms, laboratory and testing equipment etc.


ScaleABILITY is developed and supported by Adapt IT, a leader in the ICT market employing over 1000 technology professionals and servicing more than 10000 customers in 40 countries.

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